Thursday, January 21, 2016

Oh Good Grief - It's National Hugging Day!

Today in America it’s National Hugging Day… yes, you did read that right, it’s a day that celebrates hugging. [*shudders*]

I can hear all British expats in the USA right now actually cringing.  This is going to be a day to stay in bed, I think, or at least not venture out of the house just in case you are suddenly accosted by some random stranger who wants to hug you.  [*gulp*]  How absolutely appalling.

This is just Not British!  I don’t understand why there needs to be a whole day of celebration and I’m sure I’m not the only one with that British aversion to hugging.  Why hug when a good old “How do you do?” and perfectly fine handshake will suffice.  But then Americans find us a bit standoffish and rude if we don’t hug.  

It has taken me a long time to get used to the fact that I will be hugged whether I like it or not.  To compound the fact, my fiancĂ© is in a motorcycle club and their culture is to take anyone into an embrace or bear hug to say hello.  For the first few years, I would stand stiffly with my hands at my sides and kind of grimace.  It was a bit like being hugged by an ancient uncle whom you had never met, who kind of smelled like mothballs, and clutched you to his chest a wee bit long for your liking. So very uncomfortable.

I have tended to get over my phobia a little though, I pretty much had to, being around bikers so much.  I was once informed I was a bit of a snooty b*tch, to which my only reply was, “Well, I’m English, that’s how we are.”  [Sorry England]
So true!
So I’m just going to say once and for all “I’m sorry America that I don’t hug as much as you would like, go ahead and have your Hugging Day, but please, please, please do NOT include me!” [and certainly don't try to touch me]

Thank you.

Monday, January 4, 2016

New year, New ....?

.. Well not exactly new me.  I ended the year as a gobby cow (as usual) and began it in the same way. Obviously not my fault...

We were in a bar (not a pub) who had decided it would be a good idea to have karaoke for New Year's Eve. Not brilliant on a normal day, in my opinion, but it takes all sorts.  

So there we are, a couple of minutes to midnight when up steps probably the worst "singer" in the place. (Singer being used in the loosest meaning of the word here).  And he wailed and he whined his way through some awful rendition of something.  

All the while the televisions have been on in the background and the pre-recorded ball drop from New York begins - and he just kept on going.  

5... 4.... "Stop Singing" I shouted, 3....  "Shut Up" ....2.... "STOP" .... 1!  Too late.  

And then it was midnight and he just kept right on going.  Talk about ruin the moment.  Party poppers were being pulled, noise makers were being blown, there was cheering, clapping and kissing and there he was in the background screaming to be heard!  

By this time I wanted to take his microphone and stick it where the sun don't shine.  Of course, I didn't because I'm much too nice to do that.  I just stood and moaned to everyone around me.

But what do I know, it might have been on his bucket list to bring in the new year crooning to a bar full of people, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.  I just wish I didn't have to be a witness to it. [*smile*]

Oh, and of course there was a fight. I don't think it was as a result of the karaoke, possibly just too much alcohol,  but then it wouldn't be a proper New Year's Eve without a fight  would it?

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