Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Not-So-Super Market

Last night I was sitting in front of my computer just looking around the world wide webs when I decided to "Stumble" for a while and see what English stuff came up.
After about half an hour, it dawned on me that there were an awful lot of Morrisons Supermarket stories mentioned.  Now, when I lived in England, I'm not sure I had even heard of Morrisons, but apparently they are taking over the world.... and they seem to attract bad luck, bad publicity or pretty much bad anything.  (In my opinion)
Take these, for example:
1.         A young girl was standing outside Morrisons Supermarket in Dulwich, London when a car ran onto the pavement and hit her.  She was taken to the hospital with a sprained ankle.  Bless - talk about wrong place, wrong time!
2.         The main offices of Morrisons are planning their very own Tour de France (in Bradford no less) as part of the Work Out at Work Day.  Who even decided this should be a day?  It doesn't sound like any fun - at all.  If it’s designed to make you want to go to work, they probably should have thought it through a bit.
3.         Morrisons in Gateshead projected a huge loaf of bread onto the Angel of the North and people have protested in a most British way, with the architect stating "I'd rather the angel is not used for such purposes, but it's out there."  Absolutely mate, no fuss - no fuss at all!
Is that a Baguette?
Oh and what about these headlines:
Supermarket swoop: Customers duck for cover as cake-craving Thamesmead bird flies around inside Morrisons
One irate customer declared "The staff were just standing there, watching and waiting while it flew around the fresh bread and cake aisle." He added: "It certainly put me off buying any cakes."    How positively rude of them.
Family Finds Live Lizard in Supermarket Salad Bag
After finding a live lizard in their bag of salad and having the manager at Morrisons believing he was being pranked, the poor husband (who only wanted a sandwich after all) said “They’ve not got back to me since and they haven’t been very impressive, to be honest.  Maybe I should have rung the RSPCA instead.  I expected a manager to come over and deal with it, but they just sent two young lads from the shop floor.”
The horror, the disappointment, the absolutely British understated anger!  Perhaps he should write to the newspaper.
The Lizard in the Lunch
Oh, you've just got to love the British!!

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