Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas in November!

After our very first Christmas here, I was absolutely gutted to see our next door neighbors' Christmas tree out for the dustbin men on Boxing Day!!!.... yes, the day after Christmas (as it’s called here) is just another day to Americans.  Can you imagine taking down all your decorations on Boxing Day. Bloody hell, we’re still celebrating in England, going to the other in-laws and wot-not. There’s still pressies to be had.  I want to stretch my Christmas celebrations out to at least New Years Eve!

And I know people are putting lights up on their houses earlier and earlier recently, but I came home the other day (it was November 2nd) and saw this...

Yes, my neighbours have their Christmas tree up already!  I almost died.  [Not the best picture obviously, because I was fainting when I took it]


  1. When we first moved to America, I couldn't get used to the timing of Christmas. As you say, all the decorations going up in November and certainly early December (lots of people using the Thanksgiving week-end to decorate their houses for Christmas). Then on Boxing Day, everything whipped down. None of the 12 Days of Christmas celebrated except the first one!

    It's odd how deeply these things run. It never felt right, not even after 5 years.

  2. And don't forget - having to beg for Boxing Day off work. :-)