Monday, April 13, 2015

A Reminder of Home

So this happened the other day on the way home from work.

I was just minding my own business, sitting in traffic when all of a sudden a flash of Union Jack caught my eye.  Obviously, I had to find out what it was all about so weaved my way through the traffic to catch up and saw this.....

How brilliant is that?  An "English" window cleaner.  So, as you do, I drove up along side him, wound down my window and asked for a card.  How the heck I thought he was going to pass me a card on the freeway is anyone's guess!   We did have a nice little chat though - he's from Oxford - and he said he would pull in front of me so I could take a photo so I had his number.  Ahhh...some common sense.

I did wonder a bit how an English window cleaner would fare in California as the windows are so different from those in England.  Every window here has a screen on the outside to keep bugs out - not necessary in Blighty - we just put up with flies in the house.  I should phone him and ask how he deals with that extra work... but I probably won't.

Not easy to clean through the screens
It's always nice to see a fellow Brit when you don't expect it.  But the most annoying thing about it was that I had this flippin' song stuck in my head all the way home.... my nan used to sing it all the time when we were growing up and I hadn't thought of it for years.  After all that time, it just popped into my head out of nowhere!

Take a listen and see if you don't have it stuck there all day too [*smile*]

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