Tuesday, January 6, 2015

At The Beach - In January!!

I have a dog and a pool - what could be more perfect I hear you say?  That dog has the best life in the world, his very own pool where he can swim and play and keep cool in the 100+ degree heat in the California summer.

Well actually no. I think I have the only dog in Southern California that will not, under any circumstances, get into that pool.  We've tried to coax him in with toys and snacks, (yes, soggy dog biscuits), we've splashed him and he loves playing that game as long as he doesn't get too wet and we've even tried to push him in or pick him up and throw him in (that was a mistake, just ask my daughter - she still has the scars).  So how do you get a 95 pound pitbull into the pool - you don't. You just give up and move along, it's never going to happen.

So this last weekend we went to the local dog beach as the weather was slightly warmer than the last couple of weeks and it was the last day before getting back to work properly after the New Year.  (*sigh*)

Of course, as the dog doesn't like the water we didn't take a towel or blanket.  Well, that was a flippin' mistake.  Would you believe it - that flamin' dog saw the water and took a flying leap right into the waves... I would have bet money against him dipping even a toe in the water, let alone actually going in up to his neck! Typical.  

We had a brilliant time - not as good a time as Charlie mind you.  Somebody even gave him a tennis ball and we spent an hour or so throwing it into the sea for him to fetch.  But that stubborn dog would drop it just before he got out of the sea so someone (me) had to wade in and get it... And there goes a lovely pair of boots! I know he does that on purpose just for his amusement.


But getting to the whole point of this ramble, have you noticed the date... It was January 4th - yes JANUARY and I was At. The. Beach. 

I can't think of a time I ever went to the beach before at least June or July whilst in England.  No flippin' way it would have been well cold.  And obviously, it's usually still cold in June and July ...

So here's to a whole new year living in sunny, but slightly windy, California where you can go to the beach any day you jolly well want to... And you can't get better than that can you?

Happy Dog, Happy New Year

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