Thursday, October 22, 2015

6 Sneaky American Words that have fallen into my vocabulary

Good – instead of nice.  I was once asked by a co-worker why I always said food was 'nice' instead of good. I’d never really thought about it before because everything was either nice or horrible. Somehow it’s stuck in my head and now every time, every flippin' time I think food is lovely I say “Ooh, this is good!”  Grrr…..

Dude - A terrible word, but I will admit that I only ever use it in a derogatory manner, usually while driving. i.e. Dude, move your F*cking arse!  or Dude, you drive like an idiot!  [Yes, terribly British]
Cute -  Yes, I know we use this in England, but usually for a puppy or a baby.  In America, it's for just about everything.  "Oh you look cute" people say... what, do I look like a puppy?  "Oh, what a cute car" they say... when you know they really mean wow, your car is tiny, how do you actually get in it??   But again, this one is stuck in my vocabulary.  I try really hard to use a different word but then there's a pause while I'm thinking, which tends to make it sound like "Oh you" which really is not a compliment, to be honest.
Son of a Gun - Okay, I will admit I hardly ever say this because it's so awful. (And it's more a phrase than a word).  The reason I put it in is because I actually said it, out loud, today!  I was trying to get a packet of crisps out of the vending machine and they got stuck (*sad face*). Of course, my first thought was an expletive but I realized a boss was in the room so obviously I couldn't say what I wanted and went with "Arghh - Son of a Gun!"  I kind of surprised myself and I'm sure my face was a picture when I realized what I'd actually said!
Ladybug - I’m not sure why it’s called a bug, although I suppose technically it is a bug, but that just sounds like it would be a nasty creepy crawly… Ladybird sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it?  But to be honest, it’s not really a bird either is it?

But Ladybug has come into my vocabulary somehow and without thinking, that’s what I always say, but I mostly correct my self straight away.  And I wouldn’t even dream of singing “Ladybug, Ladybug fly away home..”  It’s just not right!
Soccer - I think this is the word that annoys me the most… Ugh… soccer [Actually pronounced in the US as Saaakkkerrr!!]  Pretty much most of the time, when I use this one, I follow up by saying “You know, real football.”  (*grins*)

Does anyone else have a problem with this?  What words annoy you that you can't help saying? Discuss.....


  1. "How are you?" needs the answer "Fine", but now we all say "Good", and it annoys me. To say I am good is a moral statement. To say I am fine means I'm in good health. Aaaaarrrghghgh.

    1. I stopped saying "Fine" after a couple of creepy occasions when I said "Fine" and got the answer "Yes, you are....." Yuck!

    2. I recently moved to Vegas from sunny West Sussex (Crawley to be exact....a town that is often prefaced with 'Creepy').
      I have to say, in the 2 months I've been here, I've already experienced some of these...

      Good - this annoys me, especially as I said it the other day. Superman is are well.

      Cute - actually, I used to use this in the UK. i think it's made its way across the pond and is now a thing in Blighty. Sorry! :-(

      Son Of A Gun and Ladybug - Never ever ever. Not going to happen. Uh uh. Nope. Never. No way.
      (check in with me in a few years)

      Soccer - I've actually embraced this one, mostly because it drives my UK friends crazy! I've never been a 'soccer' fan; being that odd 2% of men who didn't show an interest. I love this word. And 'groceries' i like the word 'groceries' too. More specific than just 'shopping'.

      I've been reading your blog for about a year or so, ever since I knew I was moving to the States. I'm not one to blatantly advertise, but i'd love you to check out my blog as it's also all about the things i've experienced in the USA since moving here....I think you might like it ;-)

      I'd love your feedback :-)

    3. Wait till you have kids at school (if you don't already) with all the "Awesome" notes that are sent home :-(
      Love your blog.... you are bloody hilarious my friend! I remember all the early days and all the frustrations that went with them...

  2. I like "groceries" too. It's more specific than "shopping", and has a rather nice sort of old-fashioned feel to it. Like Ike's store in The Waltons.