Sunday, March 2, 2014

Be My Guest

I was recently asked to do a guest blog for  I had contacted Claire to let her know how much I liked her blog and how I had been through the same learning curve - although it seems like ages ago now. 

I'm loving the stories about her son and can remember quite clearly when my son, after his first day in Third Grade, came home and disgustedly informed me he didn't want to go to school here because "They can't even find England on a map"
Oh joy!
Oh, there we are!


  1. Just read your piece over at Claire's. You crack me up ....I am from UK and have been in USA for thirteen years and am pretty gobby. That was funny when you said “Your face, my arse" even though I have been here so long I don't even remember what that means anymore!

  2. ha ha.. thanks Emma... how are you enjoying life this side of the pond? Where are you located? Oh and it was intimated that his face and my arse look the same!! :-) Funny how you forget the meanings of phrases that you used to use so often.