Saturday, March 8, 2014

What's the Time?

Change your clocks!
Tomorrow (tonight) the clocks go forward in the USA.  This time of the year is confusing for me since I like to Skype with my family in England on a Sunday morning.  The powers-that-be keep moving the date and although they have a nifty little rhyme “Spring Forward… Fall Back”, it doesn’t help because England move their clocks too and I have no idea when they do it.  I have a feeling it’s sometime before America, but there again, it could be sometime after.  Consequently, the usual 8 hour time difference is sometimes 9 hours and on a rare occasion it’s 7 hours.  What is a girl to do to keep it all straight? 
When you ask someone why it’s necessary, the usual answer is “Oh, it’s something to do with the farmers.”  Which could be right, but I read an article recently which stated it was due, in part, to the Industrial Revolution when officials reorganized how daylight hours were used.  If there are more hours of daylight in the summer you could spend more time on fun activities outdoors and you would use less electricity in the house, thus saving money.  I’m not sure what the thinking was for this in the winter, especially in England when it gets dark at 3:00p.m.!

All I know is I will lose an hour of sleep Saturday night so will need an extra long lay-in on Sunday.  I won’t be getting up at 2:00 a.m. to change the clocks (why does it have to be at 2:00 a.m.?) and then I will spend all Sunday morning forgetting it’s an hour earlier than all the clocks say.  Unless of course those friendly elves change them all for me.   [for “elf” read “fiancĂ©"]
I will be having a lay-in Sunday Morning
My sister will have to live without seeing my smiling face this Sunday morning because I won’t be able to do the maths. 

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